The Color of Murder

The Color of Murder

Color of Murder is a mystery game that will challenge your mind ability

In the Color of Murder you will find a great entertainment with mystery and unknown situations. You had been out of your town for long, and when you got back you found a strange situation, people are missing and some murders have happened. Some of your friends and neighbors have lost some parents and they don't know what is going on. Help your town and solve the mystery of the Murders. In this game you must move around different places, collect some items to use them when needed, and find some letters and clues to understand and find out what is really happening. You will have the main Map of the city and each time you find a letter or someone, it indicates you an address. You must go to the map and move to the correct place. You must enter houses and places to search for clues and collect certain things, like keys, photos,and notes, among others. In order to play this game all you need is your mouse, move your mouse in the different directions of the screen and press left mouse button to move your character. To collect items press right mouse button. The game allows you to zoom in some cases for a closer view.

Birgilio Rivera
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